Wingstop 420 Case Study:

2x KC Addy Gold, Elements of Advertising, Animation, Special effects or Motion Graphics

Wingstop Thump:

1x Shorty Award Gold, Gamification
1x 9th AAF Addy Silver, Innovative Use of Interactive/Technology
1x KC Addy, Best of Online/Interactive
1x KC Addy Gold, Innovative Use of Interactive/Technology
1x KC Addy Silver, Social Media, Campaign

Wingstop Crash The Draft:

1x KC Addy Silver

Wingstop TV:

For Wingstop's equity campaign we wanted to show people what the secret was to making the best wings.

Wingstop Social Content:

I spent most of the summer of 2016 traveling from event to event for the Wingstop Green Room. SXSW, Latin Music Awards, Brooklyn Hip Hop fest to name a few. We did live snapchat content of interviews with artists backstage. During the Brooklyn hip hop fest we had a film crew with us and these are a couple of those videos.

This is a piece about hard work and dedication, the Smoke 9 flavor took nine times to get right but when it did it was magic. Here we showcase Myles Thompson who also kept on the grind.

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